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    Emiglia Romagna

    From Nazionale Immobiliare ! Main villa realized in 1930, on two floors, composed by 22 residential places, connected to lodging custodian of others 7 vain. general surface of the villa. Around 750 mqs. The villa leans out on a magnificent park of ownership of around 10.000 mqs. delimited by strengthened boundaries and merlate that connect among them three magnificent towers and one "cut-off tower". entirely of ownership - that they surround and they encircle the main villa, it goes up again to 1100 and it is in good state of maintenance. The ancient towers, whose inside surfaces on more floors, add to the further 250 mq. around, susceptible of various destinations of use, they are embellished by a loggiato delimited by exiles columns, originally destined to run of watch.
    intermediary tower: with great porch to the plain garden and vast place to the superior plan small or cut-off tower: with great place to use refuge. round tower: a connection merlato connects her/it to the entry - it entertains an ample place to level garden and one to the superior plan
    Mastio: constituted from 4 saloons overlapped connected with an inside and external staircases, placed side by side to the medium tower. From the ample garden with well it is entered to a panoramic terrace with splendid sight on the hills and on the bed of the river Nure The complex, surrounded still partly from a defensive ditch, the country of Bridge of the oil is adjacent to, and it enjoys of an ample external area of ownership, surrounded, usable as parking lot of numerous vehicles Price : discussion in office. Contact

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