Complex in Borovets


The Complex is situated in the picturesque village of Mala tsarkva (Small Church), to glorify the beauty of nature and the surrounding atmosphere native Bulgarian village. From the windows of the complex reveals magnificent views of the Rila Mountains and the peaks of Mount Musala (2925 m - the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula) and Malyovitsa (2729 m).

Distance away from the capital Sofia and the International Airport is only 70 km. The regional center of Samokov is located 10 km south of the complex, and only a short drive away - one of the three most famous ski resorts in Bulgaria - Borovets. The resort provides a truly excellent conditions for skiing and other winter sports, both for beginners and for more experienced, and a rich selection of restaurants and other attractions.

A small, friendly complex, skillfully managed a pretty young family who lives in one of five townhouses and year-round care for peace and comfort of owners and tourists vacationing there.

The complex is surrounded on all sides by the age-old pine forest. Very pleasant and refreshing walk along the nearby river with him left Sparks. The region has many trails and hiking trails leading to natural attractions and cultural sites, visited by tourists from all over the world. Nearby is the village Belchin Bath, famous for its mineral springs.

A few miles above the village lies the border Tsentralnoto Rila Nature Reserve, protected by UNESCO and one of the largest nature reserves in Europe. The mountain part is scattered over 40 lakes, and near, with a height of over 70 meters, falling jet picturesque waterfall "Skakavitsa."

This village does not avoid the traditional Bulgarian hospitality. Become a favorite place for a restaurant in the national style "last penny", where you can sample a variety of dishes from the Bulgarian cuisine, including typical for this region, as well as enjoy a bouquet of specially selected varieties of Bulgarian wines. In the village center there is a grocery store and other small shops, medical center and a cultural center. Church "St. Peter and Paul ", which was built in the XVI century, has the status of a cultural monument.

Apartments and townhouses in the complex:

• One bedroom apartments from 22 700 Euro

• Two Bedroom Apartment from 40,475 Euro

• Plots of 66,183 Euro


• The price of all apartments and townhouses are included complete furnishings and equipment.

• Some units have the ability to install the fireplace

• The price of townhouses includes a fireplace and sauna

Service and additional services:

• Annual maintenance fee: 6 euros / sqm VAT. for apartments and 8 Euro / sq.m. VAT for townhouses.

• The ability to rent with an annual income of about 3% of the property value.

• The complex offers free wireless internet and the ability to install satellite TV for an extra charge.

• Transfers to the ski resort of Borovets and back

Leisure and entertainment:

- Hiking Trails, transitions and walks leading to the natural attractions, skiing and other winter sports, mineral springs, horseback riding, fishing, climbing, excursions to places with cultural, leisure.


Customer from Europe to Europe for which 4 000 pound, From overseas to Europe or from Europe to overseas which 7500 pound Accompanying clients in the country of the project (the cost of the customer, airfare, accommodation, interpreter, driver during stay, etc, must be paid before travel separately)