Odessa Preobrajenskaya st., 4

The building is situated in the tourist area of the historical center of Odessa. 30 meters from Primorskyi Boulevard 350 meters  from Deribasovskaya street 500 meters from the Opera House Main feature of this object is the immediate walking proximity to all cultural and historical sights of the city, as well as all important  business centers of the city. Price : $ 8 800 000 Support : Visa, travel, hosting, driver and interpreter during stay, law advise £ 7500

House built at beginning of 20th century in historical part of Odessa, in the beginning of Preobrajenskaya street. House designed by the architect V.I. Prohaskou, commissioned by the  homeowner Solomos. House in connected with the street with passing, performed on the right side of the house. House is a part of the historical heritage. Facade is designed in  old modern  style  with the application of modern elements of European medieval architecture. Total area of the house:  1641 sq.m., including: Grand level-  256,5 sq. m
First floor- 299,4 sq. m Second floor- 340, 7 sq. m Third floor- 339, 5 sq. m Mansard- 405,0 sq. m